Features Overview

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  • Savvy investors pay great attention to options activities with big total money.
  • Live scan and screen Big Money Options activities for both the market and for a particular stock. 
  • Continuously monitor and identify the significant options activities with total money exceed USD 100K.
  • Check detailed trade time, options contract, expiration date, strike, price, volume, total money, and more.
  • Further arrange the search according to the options type, trade time, and total money.


  • Enjoy live scanning and screening of thousands of significant Unusual Options Activities with detailed Strike, Expiration, Contract, Open Interest, Delta, Today's Volume, Average Daily Volume, Abnormality, and more.
  • Scan and screen according to the expiration date, options type, volume abnormality, and underling equity you select.
  • Sudden surge in Options Volume or big change in Open Interest (OI) could give valuable insight of the real market move under the surface.


The fast and live options chain now provides extensive Options Greeks, Implied Volatility (IV), Put-Call Parity, etc calculated in Real-Time for EVERY options strike.