Futures Live, your ultimate solution to live futures quotes, intraday technical chart analysis, and the most advanced strategy based futures alerts. This comprehensive app devotes to helping investors watch, track, and chart futures at ease! Quick, fast, with rich content.

The live quotes cover index futures, currency futures, energy futures, financial futures, meat futures, metal futures, softs futures, and more on the exchange CME, NYMEX, COMEX, and CBOT. Technical Chart supports more than 60 common technical indicators and features automatic Fibonacci retracement levels.


    • Advanced Quotes (price, change, change %, bid, ask, bid size, ask size, open, high, low, last, volume)
    • Advanced Futures Chart with multiple Technical Indicators with customizable parameters
    • Advanced Futures Chart with automatic Fibonacci Retracement Levels
    • Various Moving Averages, Price Bands, Chart Periods, Chart Types, and Date Ranges
    • High Resolution and Full-Screen chart
    • Multiple watch-list with colorful tags
    • Able to add multiple futures symbols at one time
    • Set Default Quote Type for individual watch-list
    • Cloud Sync

Getting alerted is vital. Futures Live understands that and provides advanced Futures Alerts. Users can easily build highly customized alerts based on many strategies. No matter it's a straightforward price alert, a complicated TA Indicator Cross Up alert, an Oversold / Overbought Signal alert, a Bullish / Bearish Trend alert, a Trailing alert, or other types of alerts, the smart alert system of Futures Live let you set them within seconds and let you customize parameters according to your own needs. It is so powerful and flexible that unlocks endless possibilities.

  • Strategy based Futures ALERTS

    • Full of customization and personalization
    • Hundreds of pre-defined and widely used strategies, technical Indicator based, candle pattern based, and more
    • Able to apply user-defined strategies
    • Standard Alert Strategy Pool
    • Advanced Alert Strategy Pool