OptionsPro is the most powerful mobile all-in-one options tool available on app store. It provides the best access to options information fast and easy for any options trader or serious investor. OptionsPro makes the strategy planning and evaluating so simple and visualized that you can adjust strategy and picking up your winning plan quickly. 

Key features highlighted: 

  • Advanced Live Options Chain with easy navigation for all options in US market
  • Visualization of key information, options Volume , Open Interest and Max-Pain in various graphics representation.
  • Advanced Options Greeks, Implied Volatility, Call-Put Parity, etc calculated in real-time for every options strike.
  • Powerful Profit & Loss calculator and Payoff Diagram plotting. No matter how complicated the strategy is, you can always quickly build and evaluate it with visualized and interactive P/L diagrams. Multi-touch let you watch how your trading plan reacts to the time decay and the IV change.
  • Various build-in strategy templates. The fastest way to plan your favorite strategy: Covered Call, Call Spread, Calendar Spread, Diagonal Spread, Butterfly, Collar, Condor, Straddle, Strangle and more.
  • Special designed research notes let you easily record your trading thoughts of your strategies, stocks and the market.
  • Real-time stock quotes, advanced technical chart and general information for stock analysis.
  • Great customer support through both email and in-app messaging system.  We are here to answer your questions and provide help. 
  • We are always enhancing OptionsPro. Get it now, enjoy it and see it becomes better with free upgrade. (Future new advanced tools may require subscription)