We have built scalable platforms, which are capable of processing billions of transactions in the market everyday and can apply highly customized trading strategies to generate various trading signals and results. Our apps are built upon those advanced, fast, and highly scalable platforms, which bring the best technology and user experience to our users.

  • Active Portfolio Tracking

    • High performance live portfolio tracking

    • Visual reporting and analyzing

    • Portfolio based alerts pushed to mobile devices, e.g. total value, value change, earnings events, dividend events, company filings, insider trading, and many more


  • Strategy Engine

    • Fully customizable trading strategy

    • Pre-built strategy tanks of hundreds widely used trading strategies

    • User-defined personalized strategy

    • Perform live market scan based on strategies

    • Generate strategy based stock and futures trading signals

    • Advanced strategy based trading alert push notifications on mobile devices


Options Analysis Fast Chain Greeks
  • Options Analysis Engine

    • Platform combines our highly scalable network infrastructure with our extensive options trading analysis

    • Analyze huge amount of options data live

    • Provide various options calculation, statistic analysis, visualization, etc and gives a valuable insight of the real market move under the surface

    • Our proprietary Unusual Options Activities (UOA) monitor continuously scans the market and identifies the significant and abnormal options activities


  • Tick-Level Buy Sell Money Flow Analysis

    • Monitor billions of transactions of the financial market every day

    • Track and calculate the buy / sell strength based on every transaction of a stock or an options

    • Monitor the money flow and stock trend at the same time period

    • Reveal the true strength of every stock


  • Active News Tracking and aggregation

    • Fast News Feed

    • Track and Integrate news for stock groups containing large number of stocks

    • One-tap to read all news of multiple stocks in which users are interested


  • In-App Messaging

Many more innovative products are on the way. Definitely stay tuned!