Refer-a-Friend Promotion


refer a friend, earn free subscription plan for both you and your friend

  • Launch Super Stocks app. Go to "Me" tab -> "Account" and sign in your Super Stocks account. (Sign up a FREE account if you don't have one.)
  • Go to "Me" tab ->"Message". Type "Get My Referral Code" (without quotation marks) and send. You should receive your referral code, which is a 6-digits-number (e.g. 123456). If not, tap the refresh button on the top right, or wait a while and re-open the "Message" view. 
  • Ask your friend to install Super Stocks app and sign up a free account ("Me" tab -> "Account").
  • Ask your friend to send "Referred by 123456" (replace 123456 with your own referral code) in "Message". A success message will be returned if everything goes right.
  • Your friend will be awarded a 3-day-free-access to Essential Plan in Super Stocks. (One person can only be awarded once.)
  • You will be awarded a 30-day-free-access to Essential Plan with 3 qualified referrals or a 30-day-free access to Advanced Plan with 10 qualified referrals in Super Stocks. (Choose either Advanced Options Plan or Advanced Money Flow Plan)
  • You can check your referral status anytime by sending the message "Check My Referral".
  • Current Pro Plan subscribers, please contact us for special arrangement.
  • This promotion is valid from 8/26/2017 - 9/8/2017. Once you achieve the goal, please email us to redeem your award(s). Otherwise, free subscription plan will be awarded to your Super Stocks account by 9/15/2017.  
  • We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions above at anytime. We reserve the right to cancel awarding subscription plan to anyone without providing any explanation or notice. No cheating or abusing of the program will be tolerated.