What's New in Stock+Option 5.6.2

Stock+Option v5.6.2 provides you the most Advanced Strategy Based Trading Alerts on the App Store and Live Scan of Big Money Options Activities.

intelligent Strategic trading Alert

  • Easily build highly customizable financial alerts based on many strategies
  • Dozens of popular strategies available for you to choose and more is coming. (Contact our specialist team to see if we could build a customized type of strategy special for you.)
  • Receive alert notifications on your iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc. 
  • No matter it's a straightforward price alert, a complicated TA Indicator Cross Up alert, an Oversold / Overbought Signal alert, a Bullish or Bearish Trend alert, a Trailing alert, or other types of alerts, you could quickly set them within seconds.
  • Customize parameters applicable to the alert strategy according to your own needs, e.g. ticker symbol, RSI period, MACD Period, Bollinger Band Width, you name it!
  • Never miss the opportunity of loading up your favorite pick when it is oversold, or lock in profits when a price surge reaches your target, or forget to sell when momentum is losing steam.


live scan of Big money Options

  • Pro plan subscribers can scan and screen Big Money Options activities for both the market and for a particular stock.
  • Savvy investors pay great attention to options activities with big total money. They usually give a valuable insight of the real market move under the surface.
  • Our proprietary Big Money Options Monitor continuously scans the market and identifies the significant options activities with total money exceed USD 100K.
  • Easily check the detailed trade time, options contract, expiration date, strike, price, volume, total money, and more.
  • Further arrange the search according to the options type, trade time, and total money.