What's New in Stock+Option v5.6

Big release of Stock+Option v5.6 with many advanced features and subscription based Pro Plan offering Unusual Options Activities, Options Greeks & IV, Tick-Level Block Trade, and Top Buy Sell Money Flow Analysis of markets and various sectors, and many more.

  • Summary View of Portfolios

    Fast summary report for all your portfolios. No matter how many portfolios you have, you can enjoy the super-fast and real-time portfolio tracking with the aggregated information of all portfolio holdings.

    • Enjoy live scanning and screening of thousands of significant Unusual Options Activities with detailed Strike, Expiration, Contract, Open Interest, Delta, Today's Volume, Average Daily Volume, Abnormality, and more.
    • Scan and screen according to the expiration date, options type, volume abnormality, and underling equity you select.
    • Sudden surge in Options Volume or big change in Open Interest (OI) could give valuable insight of the real market move under the surface.
  • Tick-level BLOCK TRADE

    • Watch how smart money moves with Block Trade. The app searches from millions of everyday's trading record Tick by Tick and provides the biggest-sized data with trade size, trade time, target price, best bid, best ask, last tick, etc. 
    • Tick-Level Trade Analysis & Trade time in milliseconds level.
    • Context of Trade includes Trade Price, Best Bid, Best Ask, Last Tick, Smart Filter result.
    • Context of Trade helps to make a read that a block trade is a sell or a buy.
    • Smart Filter helps to remove the noise of possible invalid trade.
    • Able to customize Start and End time of querying.
  • live TOP BUY SELL MONEY FLOW analysis

    • Top Flow tracks unique Buy and Sell information of US stock markets and reveals the Top Buying and Selling stocks in the markets and various Sectors specifically.
    • Dynamic Buy flow and Sell flow with colored buy and sell information.
    • Market Level buy flow and sell flow (general market, S&P 500, NASDAQ 100)
    • Sector Level buy flow and sell flow

The fast and live options chain now provides extensive Options Greeks, Implied Volatility (IV), Put-Call Parity, etc calculated in Real-Time for EVERY options strike.


    • Create multiple watch-lists, easily track Futures, check in-depth quotes with Level I information like bid, ask, bid size, ask size, open, high, low, last, and volume.
    • Enjoy Cloud-Sync Futures watch-list on multiple devices. Quick, fast, with rich content.
  • Study high-resolution Futures Charts with various Technical Indicators, chart types, and date ranges

  • Common Futures List let you quickly check commonly traded futures symbols at the current time.

  • Advanced Chart enhancement

    • Dual Color Theme - supports Light, Dark, and Green color themes.
    • Pivot Point for active traders.
    • Customizable Coordinate Size makes the chart clear.
    • Extra Border Space for easy chart reading.
    • Improved charting for low-volume trading hours. 
  • Cross-checked Earnings Date and Time in Earnings Calendar

    Stock+Option is the only mobile app that cross checks Earnings date and time through multiple resources, and uses color code to identify each earnings event according to the cross-check result. Better information for better trade.