What's new in Stock Station v4.2.0

Many great features have been added and updated since v4.1.6, focusing on Portfolio management, Candle-pattern based stock scanners, Options strategy payoff diagram & calculator, Implied volatility tools, more Subscription levels, and so on. 

Major brokerage support

  • Easily import holding positions to the portfolio from your brokerage account.
  • Support Fidelity, E*Trade, TradeStation, Scottrade, TDAmeritrade, Options House, TradeKing, and Tradier Brokerage.
  • Currently, importing options position is for Fidelity and Tradier Brokerage only.

Daily candle pattern based scanner

  • Great daily hotlist with more than 60 candle-pattern based stock scanners for major exchanges in US market, e.g. S&P 500, NASDAQ, NYSE, and AMEX specifically.
  • Enjoy various daily scanning based on candle patterns, like Three Black Crows, Three Inside Up, Three White Soldiers, Dark Cloud Cover, Doji Star, Harami Cross, Homing Pigeon, Rickshawn Man, Shooting Star, Takuri Line, Three River Bottom, and many more.

Options strategy payoff diagram & calculator

  • Draw interactive Payoff diagrams of your well planned options strategies and calculate the profit & loss.
  • The Payoff Diagram clearly presents how time decay impacts strategies. Adjust the IV Slider & Date Slider to watch the impact and evaluate your strategy.
  • Automatically saved strategy
  • Options priced using Black-Scholes model
  • Use various strategy templates to build commonly used options strategies and payoff diagrams, e.g. covered call, call spread, put spread, butterfly, straddle, strangle, calendar spread, iron condor, diagonal spread, etc. (subscribe)
  • Build and save multiple strategies payoff diagrams. (subscribe)

Implied volatility performance & chart

  • Implied Volatility (IV) is a key element in options investing and trading.
  • Used to be hard to access, and we start to provide a set of IV tools.
  • TickWatcher Implied Volatility Index checking and Performance improvement.
  • Intraday Implied Volatility Chart (subscribe)

Flexible choice of subscription

  • You have more choice to subscribe to various levels of plans, e.g. Advanced Options Plan, Advanced Money Flow plan, Pro Plan, etc.
  • Flexible for investors to dive in advanced analytical tools.