Currency Quotes List in Stock Station


 Real-time Currency quotes now are supported in Stock Station. All major currency pairs are organized in a highly customizable watch-list. 

Currency Trading is the largest and the most active trading product among all other trading products in the financial market. It has about 3.2 trilion US dollars in daily volume and is traded 24 hours. In addition, the Currency rate change itself is also an significant indicator for investors to evaluate the market. Take the BrExit as an example, the currency rate change triggered by this event induced a large equity market correction simultaneously. Thus, the currency market move could help the investor to make their investment decisions as well. On the other hand, Currency trading with margin and leverage is highly volatile. Therefore, it is extreme important for a successful investor to be synchronized with the market in real time. Stock Station is designed with the needs of Forex investors in mind. It has real time quotes, complete market information and all kinds of popular analytical tools, to assists your investment.