New Update for Stock Station v4.6.7 in App Store

Over 10 enhancement releases made for Stock Station since the last post about the new release of 4.4.7. Now we are at v4.6.7.

Some highlight of the changes in these releases:

New Features

  • Options Money Flow Grid. (For Pro).
  • Candle and Moving Average pattern reporting.
  • Add 3D touch interaction.
  • iMessage support: Emoji Sticker, Portfolio Sharing, Watchlist Sharing, Stock sharing.
  • Trader's tweeter.
  • Options Money Flow Grid. (For Pro).
  • Alert History for all important push notifications with filters.


  • Portfolio performance history chart.
  • Market View customization.
  • Enhanced currency quote.
  • Portfolio import with Charles Schwab support.

Let us know if anything feedback. We are still making more update.


New Update for Stock Station v4.4.7

We have been working on exciting new features for the past two months and brought in many new features to the Stock Station. The most recent update for v4.4.7 is summarized in this video:

Stock Station (v.5.7.5) has many exciting feature enhancements: iMessage support for sharing options strategy, Apple watch complication, penny stock quotes, bond and currency futures quotes and support of importing position from Robinhood. In addition, more fun social tools: trader's browser and trader's twitter.

Other enhancement since 4.2.0: Improved IV Chart, added IV Scanner, Money Flow Scanner, support of Apple Watch, wiedget support.. and much more.

Enjoy and let us know if you have any feedback

What's new in Stock Station v4.2.0

Many great features have been added and updated since v4.1.6, focusing on Portfolio management, Candle-pattern based stock scanners, Options strategy payoff diagram & calculator, Implied volatility tools, more Subscription levels, and so on. 

Major brokerage support

  • Easily import holding positions to the portfolio from your brokerage account.
  • Support Fidelity, E*Trade, TradeStation, Scottrade, TDAmeritrade, Options House, TradeKing, and Tradier Brokerage.
  • Currently, importing options position is for Fidelity and Tradier Brokerage only.

Daily candle pattern based scanner

  • Great daily hotlist with more than 60 candle-pattern based stock scanners for major exchanges in US market, e.g. S&P 500, NASDAQ, NYSE, and AMEX specifically.
  • Enjoy various daily scanning based on candle patterns, like Three Black Crows, Three Inside Up, Three White Soldiers, Dark Cloud Cover, Doji Star, Harami Cross, Homing Pigeon, Rickshawn Man, Shooting Star, Takuri Line, Three River Bottom, and many more.

Options strategy payoff diagram & calculator

  • Draw interactive Payoff diagrams of your well planned options strategies and calculate the profit & loss.
  • The Payoff Diagram clearly presents how time decay impacts strategies. Adjust the IV Slider & Date Slider to watch the impact and evaluate your strategy.
  • Automatically saved strategy
  • Options priced using Black-Scholes model
  • Use various strategy templates to build commonly used options strategies and payoff diagrams, e.g. covered call, call spread, put spread, butterfly, straddle, strangle, calendar spread, iron condor, diagonal spread, etc. (subscribe)
  • Build and save multiple strategies payoff diagrams. (subscribe)

Implied volatility performance & chart

  • Implied Volatility (IV) is a key element in options investing and trading.
  • Used to be hard to access, and we start to provide a set of IV tools.
  • TickWatcher Implied Volatility Index checking and Performance improvement.
  • Intraday Implied Volatility Chart (subscribe)

Flexible choice of subscription

  • You have more choice to subscribe to various levels of plans, e.g. Advanced Options Plan, Advanced Money Flow plan, Pro Plan, etc.
  • Flexible for investors to dive in advanced analytical tools.

What's new in Stock Station v4.1.6

Many improvement made since v4.1.2, for example we opened up live options chain for all users. 

Money Flow Chart

We have a specific money flow indicator that calculated by bid/ask context, very powerful to reveal the real buy/sell pressure of a certain stock. Now the money flow is open to our users.

Historical Options Volume, OI, Max Pain charts

Our options volume/oi/maxpain charts are offered since 2010 and commonly seen on many options study sites. We extend the capacity of the tool to show previous day volume/oi distribution and maxpain chart. This will provide more insight if you want to see the change over the day or simply because you forget to check the information earlier.

Block Trade monitor

Block trade helps to track the large sized trade for certain stocks is now integrated in Stock Station. Block trade based stock alert is also available. 

Top Buy Sell Flow Chart and Analysis

Based on the money flow, summary of top buy flow and sell flow stocks are listed during the trading hour. Overall market, and breakdown of sectors lists avaliable. This is helpful to identify the sector rotation and finding hidden strength.

Multiple subscriptions now available to sign up

Essential plan for most of the earlier non-free research tools as low as $4.99/mo.

Advanced Options Plan covers Unusual Options activity scanning, Options Price Chart, Options history chart, options IV, Greeks , starting with $32.99/mo.

Advanced money flow plan covers money flow chart, block trade monitor and alert, topflow report of market and sectors, starting with $32.99/mo.

Pro Plan covers Advanced Options Plan, Advanced Money Flow Plan and Essential Plan. Starting at $64.99/mo.

Subscribers of any plan will also enjoy premium portfolio support (faster reporting and advanced portfolio alert).

Update Stock Station app on the App Store

Today, users may have experienced repeated update of Stock Station app (or other apps) on the App Store. It seems to be a problem of Apple's App Store, unable to recognize the correct version information. When users tapped "Update" button, they were actually downloading the previous version (v4.1.3). Thus, App Store repeatedly shows users that they have an available "update" of Stock Station, no matter how many times users tapped the "Update" button.

The solution

  1. Restart your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Launch the App Store again.
  3. Search for "Stock Station" and download it.
  4. Launch Stock Station app, go to "More" tab, and pull to the bottom.
  5. Tap "About". You could double check the app version is v4.1.5 there.

Currency Quotes List in Stock Station


 Real-time Currency quotes now are supported in Stock Station. All major currency pairs are organized in a highly customizable watch-list. 

Currency Trading is the largest and the most active trading product among all other trading products in the financial market. It has about 3.2 trilion US dollars in daily volume and is traded 24 hours. In addition, the Currency rate change itself is also an significant indicator for investors to evaluate the market. Take the BrExit as an example, the currency rate change triggered by this event induced a large equity market correction simultaneously. Thus, the currency market move could help the investor to make their investment decisions as well. On the other hand, Currency trading with margin and leverage is highly volatile. Therefore, it is extreme important for a successful investor to be synchronized with the market in real time. Stock Station is designed with the needs of Forex investors in mind. It has real time quotes, complete market information and all kinds of popular analytical tools, to assists your investment.  

Options Price Chart in Stock Station

In Stock Station v4.1.2, options support is enhanced with intraday options price chart. This powerful Options Chart is rare and only provided by Stock Station on the App Store. It is super useful for investor and options players to identify the price range of options. 

You could further customize the time resolution, date range (up to 15 days), chart type, color scheme, and other settings. Tap to view an enlarged, high-resolution, full-screen chart for more details. 

A great tool for anyone that is actively involved in the options market. 

What's new in Stock Station v4.1.2

Enjoy Live Currency Quotes, Options Price Chart, powerful Block Trade Alert, and trading stock & options directly in the app. 

1. Add Currency Quote List
- Enjoy live currency quotes
- Easily check live quotes with up to 5 decimal points
- Organize, sort, and sequence the currency watch-list according to your needs
- Cloud synced currency watch-list

2. Add Options Price Chart (Pro Plan)
- Price chart for every options contract
- Multiple chart type, date range, and chart period
- Choose from multiple color themes
- Customize the size of coordinates and chart border space

3. Add advanced million dollar Block Trade Alert.  (Pro Plan)
- Easily set alerts for large-sized stock transactions within seconds. 
- Get alerted when the money involved in a single trade of a stock exceeds certain amount.
- Receive alert push notifications on your iPhone and iPad.
- Never miss the indicator of how smart money moves.
- Quickly organize and check the status of all your alerts.

4. Trade stock and options directly in the app with your Tradier Brokerage accounts. It's fast, convenient, and users can even customize a few trade presets in "More" tab --> "Settings" according to their preference.

5. Add "15 Minutes" period in Intelligent Strategic Alert.
6. Improves overall performance and user interface.