What's new in Stock Station v4.1.6

Many improvement made since v4.1.2, for example we opened up live options chain for all users. 

Money Flow Chart

We have a specific money flow indicator that calculated by bid/ask context, very powerful to reveal the real buy/sell pressure of a certain stock. Now the money flow is open to our users.

Historical Options Volume, OI, Max Pain charts

Our options volume/oi/maxpain charts are offered since 2010 and commonly seen on many options study sites. We extend the capacity of the tool to show previous day volume/oi distribution and maxpain chart. This will provide more insight if you want to see the change over the day or simply because you forget to check the information earlier.

Block Trade monitor

Block trade helps to track the large sized trade for certain stocks is now integrated in Stock Station. Block trade based stock alert is also available. 

Top Buy Sell Flow Chart and Analysis

Based on the money flow, summary of top buy flow and sell flow stocks are listed during the trading hour. Overall market, and breakdown of sectors lists avaliable. This is helpful to identify the sector rotation and finding hidden strength.

Multiple subscriptions now available to sign up

Essential plan for most of the earlier non-free research tools as low as $4.99/mo.

Advanced Options Plan covers Unusual Options activity scanning, Options Price Chart, Options history chart, options IV, Greeks , starting with $32.99/mo.

Advanced money flow plan covers money flow chart, block trade monitor and alert, topflow report of market and sectors, starting with $32.99/mo.

Pro Plan covers Advanced Options Plan, Advanced Money Flow Plan and Essential Plan. Starting at $64.99/mo.

Subscribers of any plan will also enjoy premium portfolio support (faster reporting and advanced portfolio alert).