What's New in Stock+Option Version 5.6.7


Enjoy live Currency Quotes, Live scanning of Big Money Options activities (exclude ETF & Index), powerful Block Trade Alert, and trading stock & options directly in the app. 

1. Add powerful Currency Quote List. Easily check live quotes with up to 5 decimal points, and organize the currency watch-list according to your needs.

2. Enhance Big Money Options activities scanning. Subscribers can choose to view the scanning results of the market including ETF and Index or excluding ETF & Index. (Pro Plan)

3. Add advanced million dollar Block Trade Alert.  (Pro Plan)
- Easily set alerts for large-sized stock transactions within seconds. 
- Get alerted when the money involved in a single trade of a stock exceeds certain amount.
- Receive alert push notifications on your iPhone and iPad.
- Never miss the indicator of how smart money moves.
- Quickly organize and check the status of all your alerts.

4. Users can trade stock and options directly in the app with their Tradier Brokerage accounts. It's fast, convenient, and users can even customize a few trade presets in "More" tab --> "Settings" according to their preference.

5. Improves overall performance and user interface.


More about Pro Plan

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